Fire Retardant Coating
Fire Retardant Coating
Fire Retardant Coating

Fire Retardant Coating

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29.90 €

   Resistance to flames up to 800 °C, the greatest resistance on the market

   May be applied on all types of materials (wood, cardboard, synthetic fabrics, cotton, linen, paper...)

   Indoor and outdoor use

   The only acid-free flame retardant (alkaline pH)

   No toxicity, even during fires

   Density of around 2.4 g/cm³ at 20 °C, that is, two times more than the competition

   Unlimited treatment duration over time

   Storage: 24 months in its original sealed packaging, closed for 100% efficiency

   Storage temperature: 0 °C to + 50 °C.

   Use: 12 m2/L for spray or roller applications, 20% of the mass of the medium for soaking applications 

Usage Protocol

  • The surface must be clean and dry in advance
  • For roller or spray applications, spread out the product on the surface and then let dry for 12 hours
  • For soaking applications, submerge the medium in the product for maximum absorption and then let dry for 12 hours
  • Possible application of varnishes on top of it. All Ferber Painting varnishes are compatible


A flame resistance certificate up to 800°C/1500°F meeting the NFPA 701 standard with your invoice number will be sent to you with the product. May be presented to the safety commission.